Promotional Video Making Company in Bangalore, India

by santosh

Short Videos – How it helps to gain social media customers.

Video marketing has revolutionized the way a person sees your business. Whether you are launching a new product or service, a user can be captivated within seconds to learn more about your business.

High Engagement Rate: With numerous users on social media, video ads are said to have a high click-through rate of 1.84%. The highest in digital ad formats! So crafting a video ad can directly lead to a sale.

Guaranteed reliability check: Your video content is supposed to ignite the emotions of your audience. Social media platforms are helping you do this with features like stories, live videos , etc found on Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook. Videos help create a feeling of individual approach, giving your audience an extra-push and the confidence to make an online purchase.

Immediate delivery: Research says that videos of less than a minute have an average retention rate of 53 percent. Brands can use this factor to their advantage, by telling their consumers why they are who they are, what they can do and why their audience should trust them. If you’re creating a video ad, you don’t put off customers by a low-quality video that doesn’t explain your brand clearly. In this era, where content is the king, make sure you make the most of it on social media.

Practically speaking ,anything shiny can catch an eye and videos that open with a bang tend to draw more attention to them over those that take the more general lack- lustre approach . We at visual connections provide you with top notch explainer videos that are guaranteed to keep your audience captivated and eager to purchase your product.

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Promotional Video Making Company in Bangalore, India
Short Videos – How it helps to gain social media customers