We don’t just aim to make commercials that look great; but rather, they ought to deliver a compelling message to the viewers and leave a deep impact on them. Building on a simple idea for a brand/product and turning it into an insightful ad is what we’re about.


Documentaries don’t need to be boring. Our documentary production services comprises of expert scripting to articulate direction to gripping voice over narration so that the story we tell are highly intuitive and well appreciated.

Corporate Films

Corporate films have their own added incentive for any business. Our Corporate Film Production team brings with it highly creative and original ideas that inspire and motivate the audience.

Promotional Videos

Whether it is a new product launch, a web video or an event promo, the Promotional Video Production services at Visual Connections is ensured to help grab the mindshare of your target audience.

Digital Marketing

With our fully-integrated Digital Marketing Services which includes SEO services, PPC services, SMO service, Video Marketing services and Online Reputation Management services, you can rest assured that every penny you spend on the marketing campaigns will generate greater rewards.

Google Adwords

The Google-certified PPC professionals at Visual Connections prepare detailed analytics reports to propose campaigns with quick turnaround times as well as optimizing the landing page.


Incorporating the best talent as well as industry-standard equipment’s, the Professional Photography Services we deliver are apt for a variety of businesses. We offer Aerial photography, Product, Industrial, People, Infrastructure, Food and more under our Photography campaign.

Content Writing

At Visual Connections content writing services in India, we put that extra “bang” in your marketing collateral to convince your target customers to buy from you. We believe every organization has specific objectives, and we understand your services and products are truly great.


Visual Effects

Our VFX artists are talented, passionate and unwavering in their commitment to produce outstanding results in 2D VFX, 3D VFX, compositing, matte painting, FX animation and so on for any media platform that you desire.

Rotoscoping & Chroma Keying

Visual Connections is fully capable of handling this process-intensive task of Rotoscoping & Chroma Keying so your Production team can utilize the time on the more creative aspects of the project.

2D Animation

The 2D animation team at Visual Connections can bring to life any inanimate characters in your 2D motion production through vibrant character designs and lovable environments.

3D Animation

Ranging from short films & documentaries to full-length feature films, we are capable of delivering impactful 3D Animation services on your corporate training videos, TV advertisements, Web series and more.

3D Modelling

We at Visual Connections can turn your idea into a digital asset by creating highly realistic 3D models for several industries like: 3D Furniture, Product design, Electronics, Automobiles, Characters and Architectural models.

Character Animation

Impeccably done character animation is what makes any animated content captivating. Our expert animators use industry-standard tools such as Maya, 3DS MAX, etc, to bring to life beautifully modeled characters.

Product Simulations

Visual Connections can create very effective and detailed 3D interactive product demonstrations through carefully crafted and detailed 3D Animations. Our simulation models help you in virtual prototyping and saving on manufacturing costs.

Motion Graphics

The Motion Graphic design services we offer make clever usage of animation technologies and video footage that can function as great video openers or promotional trailers that draw the audiences in and keep them engaged.

Graphic Design

Web Design

A perfectly designed website is user-friendly, easy to access and effortless to maintain. Our Web Designers bring forth concepts from scratch to create stunning websites that are an amalgamation of technical brilliance and practicality.

Logo Design

A logo is not just an identity of your firm; it has a lasting impression on all your potential customers. The Logo Designers at Visual Connections will ensure your brand logos have an indelible impact on your audience right at first sight.


Brochures and Catalogs need to have specific objectives in their design process to complement your marketing campaigns. Our Brochure Designers have the expertise to deliver stunning corporate brochures in any form to reflect your very business ideas.


Our Newsletter and Magazine Designers have a keen eye to pick the right image and colour palette to go with the best suited words for all cover designs. When you have the right design elements in place, you will surely reach your target market.


Illustrations have been in use for depicting anything and everything, starting from paintings, cartoons to products. For an artist, an illustration is equal to imagination. Illustrations are really important in understanding complex concepts ideas and theories in an easy manner.

Package Designing

You only get one chance to make a great first impression with your product, and its package design is what your customers will see. Our Package Designers create stunning graphics and artwork to create an increased awareness amongst your target market.


Do you require sending out professional mailers that impress and convey the right message of your brand across to your customers? Our Mailer Design service aims to create brand awareness and market promotion for your firm with scintillating mailer designs.

Print Design

It is essential for a brand to design creative and catchy contents for their expansion in the present market. Visual Connections print design company in Bangalore is an established and trusted corporate design studio that offers the best print design services for your company.


PHP Web Development

Our highly competent PHP Developers develop create more lively web pages and highly effective web applications making use of the open source PHP MySQL architecture with 100% remote configurability and scalability.

Ecommerce Development

With our truly extensive eCommerce solutions, we make sure that the whole buying experience is a breeze. Whether it is a B2B or a B2C marketplace, we ensure that the sites we build are safe, feature-rich, intelligent and socially connected.

Wordpress Development

Our WordPress Developers offer customized and innovative solutions that make your business stand out from the herd. We also offer WordPress Website Maintenance as well as convert your existing HTML/CSS sites to WordPress.

Magento Development

Magento offers a dynamic, flexible and an affordable platform which our Magento Developers take advantage of to provide a faster, search-engine optimized eCommerce store. We also offer hassle-free Magento Data Migration for existing eCommerce sites.

HTML5 Development

We have a strong team of HTML5 Developers which keeps abreast of the latest updates and develops fully responsive websites and apps that work on a multitude of diverse platforms and render effectively irrespective of the resolution, screen size or device.

Mobile Apps Development

With a significant percentage of online traffic coming from mobile devices, Visual Connections’ mobile app developers are well positioned to design and develop market-ready mobile apps with flawless and enriching user-interface for various business verticals.

Joomla Development

Our Joomla Developers can build fully functional websites matching critical business-related functionalities, all the while making them easy to manage and very user-friendly. Whether you need news sites, shopping portals, online forums or e-magazines, we have you covered.

CMS Development

Visual Connections is a CMS web development company Bangalore which ensures that you need not have any major technical skills once you become accustomed with some of the award-winning CMS platforms.