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Is short video going to be the next trendsetter on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat

Did you know, Facebook has invested a ton of money in promoting their new live feature?

Video marketing has now been considered as one of the best media to reach customers. Hence, social media giants like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook are battling their way to promote it.

Using the power of Instagram: Instagram is no longer only popular among teenagers, it’s begun making it’s a way for the older generation as well. There has been an increase in the number of older users over the years. Taking advantage of this factor will help you set yourself apart from your competitors. Creating relevant video content and targeting this sector can be a great way for increasing conversions.

Using the power of Snapchat: Believe it or not, the number of Snapchat engagement has risen tremendously. A staggering 10 billion video views per day as compared to Facebook’s 8 billion video views. Spending some time creating promotional videos on Snapchat every day can give you a lot of returns. Find influencers they can give you publicity and an access to an audience you’d never reach on your own.

The ability of your video Influencers:  If you want your audience to trust your brand message, use influencers who can reckon it. Through videos, they’d be able to connect with people who you would never reach. A survey conducted stated that 53% of Women made purchases due to Influencer posts.

Snapchat and Instagram Stories: Ever wondered how Snapchat became successful? It’s all because of their fantastic “Story” feature. The story allows users to share small video clips about their lives. What makes it, even more, cooler are the filters. This unique invention instantly gains popularity among millions of users. As Instagram did not want to fall back, they too launched the story feature. This feature quickly picked on among users and finally number equals the total user base in Snapchat. Markets rapidly used this idea is to connect with users by letting gain insight into the product/service.

Live Video is going to be the next trendsetter: The number of viewers watching a live video feed has increased to 81% in 2016. All the social media giants are heavily investing in this trending feature. You can you this as a weapon to have an edge over your competitors.

Facebook making the most of video marketing:Facebook is promoting video through notifications. When a user goes live, his followers get an instant notification. You can also watch and comment your feedback. This would be a great way to attain customer feedback on a new product launched.

Visual connections are proud to advertise a successful video marketing portfolio that would not only add on your following but will increase your sales or responded effectively. We boast of a revolutionary video marketing strategy with relevant, meaningful, life-changing content that is capable of converting your users into believers.

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Is short video going to be the next trendsetter on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat