by santosh

    How do you feel being an employee of the month?

    I feel great being selected as the Employee of the month. I really had extreme fun working on those early concepts assigned to me and I’m proud that all of the shots I have done grabbed interest of all in my team. I still enjoy working in this company because of the extended freedom it offers to me. For an artist, locating a company that is accustoming to a fast-evolving world and taking care of its employees is vital. Most of the artist is not in a hunt of becoming rich instead they prefer to make lively and pretty pictures and ensure to lead a happy life. I am sure that’s possible working in the right environment like this company.  The people in Visual connections are precise, deliberate and fast in their communication which makes my job done easier and as icing on the cake, it portrays that I am being a dominant team player in the fantastic team.

    krishana-VFX Artist

    What was your recent works?

    I have only been working with this reputed organization for the past few years, so I have just got opportunity to work on two projects. One is for Lee Jeans and other for T-Series. I have been working on their commercial project which had some tough task to accomplish which I am sure that will help in my future endeavor. It’s a 3D project and was taking caring of VFX effect, design, ROTO and Compositing. Perhaps a highlight was being a part of the on-set VFX team for Video Song project for T-Series. It was a challenging task working for them on an Album song but yet had a great fun.

    What made you to join VFX Industry?

    I was brought up in a reasonably conservative scenario – so watching movies and TV shows were really a rare happening and a treat for us. I still remember for a family holiday, when I was in my teen, I was taken to a movie Jurassic Park, that captured my imagination. After which, I used to watch several movies and it feed my imagination and I don’t feel that any other medium would not have powerfully affects me like this.

    I am crazy fan of seeing impossible thing happening in movies and a great fan of Sci-fi, Pirates of Caribbean, and Marvel movies. Among the recent released movies, the visual effects used in the Guardians of Galaxy 2 and Dr. Strange were of top quality and made me feel high about myself. To my surprise, working in this VFX industry is not so easy.

    What is the best in your work?

    Over the past years, I got a chance to manage the visual effects team for a few number of projects involving 3D modeling and Roto. These projects included lot of challenging task and I am sure that I have the potent to explore more and more opportunities in distinct platform too.

    Where do you see our VFX Industry growth in coming years?

    Too often, due to savage competition and uncertainty artist like me will be in a precarious position of giving up their normal life for the sake of holding their job. Still, in the recent trend, India is becoming the hot spot for several Hollywood movies due to distinct criteria including impeccable service rendering, assured quality work, customer friendly and at an affordable cost. Since after the release Bahubali, the most awaited movie especially for its mind blowing VFX effects, most of the common people also got a rough idea regarding the magical word VFX. Hence, in the forthcoming years, most of the commercial projects include VFX effects in a greater extent.


    What do you want to do at Visual Connections

    As an artist, before joining visual connections, I got a chance to surf across their website and I was awe-struck by their portfolio and wished to join in their vibrant crew. Fortunately, now being an employee of visual connections, the country’s preferred choice of digital solution got the ground to explore the flourishing and fulfilling VFX industry.  Further, what I experience in Visual connection is the nurturing and direction from our team of experts in sharpening our creative skills, ways of improvising our output and so on are really helpful in enhancing my professional caliber in this industry. We have a branch at Toronto where most of the Hollywood movies visual effects are being carried on which makes me feel happy and space for future career development insight.

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