Founded in 2013 V C Services LLP is a young and vibrant company that is a one-stop solution for all website development, graphic design and advertising needs. We are located in the startup capital of India, Bangalore, known for its constant innovation that drives successful enterprises.

We honestly believe working in isolation is hardly productive; which is why we keep our ears open to what you have to say. You give us a general idea about what you want out of this collaboration; then sit back and leave the rest to us. Our creative designers, coders and media professionals will then employ the latest technologies to the designs thus ensuring optimized solutions and ideal user experiences.

Once the process of design is complete, it is imperative to advertise and market the same effectively. We can even help you gain a foothold in your industry niche with our tailor-made marketing and branding strategies that push the envelope making your product or service be heard, seen and spoken about.

We have all heard of the infamous quote, ‘lack of advertising is like winking at a lady in the dark’. We therefore take time to study the current industry trends, listen to our clients’ opinions and basically work as a team to deliver exactly what our clients need and what is at par with the current industry standard. Oh, and you do not need to break the bank as we offer highly competitive rates for our unequaled designs.

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We have taken our time in order to fine-tune the process through which we deliver results that speak for themselves. The hard thought processes which we developed have evolved to the following meticulous steps.

1. Initiation/Ideation

We hear to what you have to say and establish the desired outcome.

2. Creation/Foundation

This is where we conceptualize your dream and form the basic outline to see it come to fruition.

3. Structuring

Utilizing the latest tools to come up with responsive and highly effective developments is taken up at this point.

4. Execution

Deployment as well as assessment is done at this stage which included intensive product testing.

5. Evolution

The outcome is adjusted to bring about the desired outcomes.

5. End Product

Your idea, dream and vision has come live.


The famous quote above from the legendary author totally exemplifies what V C Services is all about. The story of how the company started began at 2013 and V C Services was officially established as a firm in August 2014 looking to employ technology in a never-seen-before way for digital consumers. Our idea was to launch a new search engine that is entirely consumer-driven and shopping-friendly – thus Pingtoday was born.

With Pingtoday’s small database and back-end development still in progress, we slowly started to market the product with a dedicated Website, Promotional videos, Catalogues, Press Releases and so on. It was then that we tasted initial success as clients recognized our skills and started offering projects related to design, advertising, corporate films, video production and more. Our core team was expanded to include: Design artist, VFX Artist, Film maker, Software Developer and Marketing Professional.

After being a purely product-driven firm, we transitioned into also offering our services to both domestic and international clients. We bagged our first project in January 2015 with Pari when we successfully carried out Catalogue Photoshoot and also produced a Product Video, concluding which, we bagged two more projects from the same company. Our unabated success also earned us several referrals from other clients and thus we were able to establish a strong presence in the Advertising services domain.

Aligning with the strong passion that we possess towards film-making, the team of V C Services also produced and released a short film called Resume on YouTube, directed by Santosh Raju himself. Being shot, produced & edited completely in-house, Resume ended up being the Official Selection for The Frames Film Festival. The skills of our Production team didn’t go unnoticed earning us recognition as well as lot of work on VFX, Videoshoot, Sound Engineering, Movie Titling, Movie Coloring and Editing. Having a successful trail of working with more than 200 companies all over the globe, we at V C Services believe we’re just getting started. The second branch of the company at Toronto, Canada, stands testimony of our unwavering attitude towards work, professionalism and passion for creativity.

We are a small team of enthusiastic professionals always chasing excellence in whatever we do, be it Advertising, Design, Web Development and Customized Software Development. Our path of success has led us to tie up with many movie production houses in carrying out projects related to VFX, CGI, Editing, Sound, Movie Poster and Titling.

We truly believe anything is possible if you never lose focus on your goals. We certainly aren’t the ones to rest on our laurels, and are hungry for success. Come be a part of our amazing journey, and let’s make history together.


” We start, discuss, fight and end up all going to at least one party a week “






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Our Creative Team

Santosh Raju

Project Consultant

Life is all about - Science Fiction, David Fincher and Jurassic Park

Guru Raghavendra

VFX Superviser

Life is all about - VFX, Animation and Cartoons

Jagadish Puttaraj

Content Writer

Life is all about - Reading and Writing

Sharanya Chandrashekar


Life is all about - Advertising, Project Management and Canada

Nisar Ahmed

Digital Marketer

Life is all about - Wanting, Trying, Giving, Learning, Loving and Losing.

Krishnanand Naik

Senior 3D Artist

Life is all about - Animation, Modelling and Naruto