5 Ideas to engage customers on social media

by santosh

5 Ideas to engage customers on social media.

In today’s world, the quality of content to be showcased is extremely important. Social media has helped thousands of small businesses grow by enabling them to reach out to their customers in a faster manner. To harness the power of social media, you must find ways to create awareness, engage and interact with your audience.

Here’s a list of 5 ideas that you can use to increase engagement with your audience:

Post Strategically:  

If you’re thinking more posts mean more engagement, you are wrong. Research says that if you post more than the number of times required, then it leads to less interaction. Don’t oversell your product or services. Give your viewers enough time to engage with your posts. For Facebook, most researchers believe that one post per day is optimal, minimum 3 each week. Instagram; one or two is recommended, minimum 3 in a week. LinkedIn – 2 posts a week are optimal. Using this information you can plan your content strategy and your post timings.

Short videos are a visual delight:  

Don’t you find your social media account flooded with a ton of videos? Research indicates that more than 70% of marketers say conversion rates of video marketing outperform other marketing techniques. If you want to convey your brand message across, then video might help you do it at a faster rate. Research also states that 65% of viewers almost watch the entire video which is far more than reading text-based content.

Now using the live video feature you can give your customers a behind the scenes look. This will make your viewers feel as if they are part of the making of your brand.

Boost engagement with stunning graphics:

Creative designs can be used to persuade your target audience. It takes a few seconds for customers to feel a connection towards a brand logo or design. Thus stunning visuals graphics are very essential. It aids in boosting your social media engagement.  Content marketing with effective messages can be used to link back to one or more of your service/s or product.

Host QnA sessions:

The best way to engage with your customers is to educate them about your product or service. Make your audience feel that you care about their doubts and concerns. Show them that you ready to receive feedback. Your response will also help them gain clarity about what you do and how you work. By offering relevant answers to customer queries and discussions, you can set yourself apart from your competitors and become the one stop shop for your product.

Share viewer content:

By re-posting your customer/ user content, you not only create content for yourself but also draw another pool of viewers onto your brand.This means increased exposure for you. This will help customers feel great about themselves as they would feel worthy to be in your business feed. This could set a reaction where they would now start promoting your brand to other customers.

There is no better place to cultivate customer relationships than social media. Visual connections brings it’s A-game with its Advertising Services. We market your brand by gaining deep insight into your customers’ behaviors and preferences. Whether your customers are one time or long term, we offer top-notch marketing services with innovative solutions.



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5 Ideas to engage customers on social media
5 Ideas to engage customers on social media