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Welcome to Visual Connections, a Premier VFX Studio, Animation Company and Advertising Agency in Bangalore, India.”

We are positioned as one of the country’s most advanced digital studio that provides state-of-the-art visual effects, 2D/3D Animation, and digital modelling/sculpting. We also offer full production services ranging from storyboard, filming, directing, supervision and consultancy services to clients from a broad range of industries.

No challenge is too big or small for us. Driven by a creative passion to excel and redefine the VFX & Animation industry, we have collaborated with some of the biggest brands to date. We have worked on all major platforms such as Web series, TV/web commercials, feature films, documentaries/short films, and animated shorts, which gives us tremendous experience in conceiving and executing a variety of projects.

The team at Visual Connections VFX studio is very adept at technology and innovation that allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions. We use a gamut of high-technology hardware and software to bring your ideas and concepts to life and visually enthral the audience.


We possess a wide range of expertise in offering various services to best serve our clients, whatever is it that you’re looking for.


Visual Connections was started in 2013 by a group of talented visualizers, graphic artists and animators in India, the startup capital of India. Starting off from providing graphic design services, we were able to take up and successfully execute bigger projects involving visual effects and animation. Today we have grown to a larger team consisting of 30+ dedicated, professional and passionate individuals who live and breathe VFX, animation and branding.

Through constant innovation and the zeal to reach greater heights, we are now known as one of the leading Visual Effects Studio in India. We have always strived to push the limits of imagination and creativity no matter what medium we are working on. Be it Web, TV or Feature films, the level of quality that we ensure in our work is always at the highest, but also on time and budget.

Our clever use of animation techniques speak to the heart of the viewers while the special effects are designed to be jaw-droppingly cool. Whether you’re looking for a small commercial or short film; awesome visual effects imbibed into a live-action scene or a beautifully crafted 2D/3D animated video, we have your back. Our Animation Company India can also accommodate a wide spectrum of animation styles to tell your story – from traditional animation to the very latest and cutting edge.

Our passion for story-telling always keeps us on the path of innovation and process improvement, where we actively try to fine-tune all aspects of production to perfection. Right from the initial stages of pre-production, we believe in adopting newer ideas and technology. We believe that Communication and Collaboration are the two most important things to pay attention to in all our creative endeavours.

You can consult us anytime to discuss your requirement. Come by our office to chat over a cup of coffee and let us figure out how to transform your dream into reality!


“Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms.”

                                                    – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The famous quote above from the legendary author totally exemplifies what Visual Connections is all about. The story of how the company started began at 2013 and Visual Connections was officially established as a firm in August 2014 looking to employ technology in a never-seen-before way for digital consumers. Our idea was to launch a new search engine that is entirely consumer-driven and shopping-friendly – thus Pingtoday was born.



In just a short time span, the team at Visual Connections Visual Effects Studio in India has grown by leaps and bounds by turning imagination into truly breath-taking visual effects and animation. This is made possible by our team’s immense passion and skills ranging from character development, creative direction; different types of animation like 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics, Stop-Motion, Illustrations, Live-action combo, compositing and styling. No matter how complex or unimaginable you want a scene to look, we are there to see your dream get fulfilled.


Our Main Clients

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We are not all talk and no action. When we talk the talk, we walk the walk. Take a look at some of our recently completed projects below.


Creating brand awareness through blogs, informative articles and products reviews alike is our specialty. Crafting words to prompt the user into action needs to be done by persons with experience on a variety of niches. We also craft uniquely selling messages on the websites we create and at the same time provide an interactive medium through which our clients can track current and future successes.

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